Turn your dreams into a reality

Mark and the team at Sizemore & Associates love to help dentists prepare for the next stage of their life, without the stress it usually causes.
Working with us means we’ll help you save money on taxes and keep more money in your pocket. Once you have that money in your pocket, what do you do with it? That’s where we come in.

Grow your wealth

The advisors at Sizemore & Associates are experts in the dental field. We have years of experience under our belt as well as practical business wisdom that’s hard to beat. We understand just how hard it can be to manage your finances, choose the best investments and plan for retirement. To put it simply, we’ll help you play the smartest moves, to get you the most money possible. We make the whole process easier, showing you when to make each move and how to do it.

Plan for retirement

Unfortunately, far too many dentists operate without a smart succession plan in place. That means they don’t have a plan in place for when they exit the business, sell the practice, or pass away. This is a pivotal part of how we help you at this stage. Our focus is always on setting you up for a comfortable retirement, without the stress.

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